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Swords And Sabers, review and historical summary

Tuesday, August 30

Swords And Sabers, review and historical summary

Masonic sword of Gold/Silver

Masonic Procedure of Memphis, Egypt, is an Order that taught men to lend tribute to the Divine. Is essentially the existence of God and the Great Architect, also claimed immortality of the Spirit who lives in the soul and that it incorporates in the body. The Masones consider the ability and the learning not mattering the social and personal conditions and differences. Mystery Masonics introduction in Europe was due to Crossed and Order Horsemen formed almost by all sections. Toledo Masonic sword made ​​by Marto manufacture.

 Swords of Theoden, the sword of King Theoden

Theoden sword is a replica of the sword of King Theoden, King of Rohan. Théoden was aided by his advisor Grima, Wormtongue, which held the sword in his power to reveal to reduce the power of King Theoden under the influence of Saruman. Marto Swords of production in Toledo.


 Charlemagne sword (2)
Tizona Cid sword (6)
Roman sword (1)
Cutlas sword (3)
Viking swords (4-5)

Carlomagno, son of Pipino Breve Bertrade and is crowned king, with his brother Carloman, on his father's death in 768 Pipino. However, Carloman died three years later and remained as the only King Carlos francs. Carlomagno reign lasted 47 years, many battles, which are the extension of His kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula and central Europe (Italy, Germania and Dacia Sajonia) overlap, thus the name "Carolus Magnus" and his coronation as emperor in Western Europe.

The figure of the knight Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar "El Cid Valiant" comes from the art XI, the battles between the kingdoms of Castile, Leon and Galicia. The Cid was the prototype for the driver and true vassal king Alfonso VI, who I'm fighting in the conquest of Toledo. The Cid was a soldier from a unique value, his life was a constant battle near his sword Tizona Cid.

The Roman sword, the famous "Hispaniensis Gladiator" is inspired as the name suggests, in the short sword Hispanic. The swords of the Roman legions of Julius Caesar in the century I AC at different historical moments have been used, they appeared different types of swords are cataloging the name of the place where the others were.

The Viking sword is a development of Roman and Celtic swords, and so was the origin of the medieval sword. The Viking sword was a weapon, pointed leaves straight and wide double-board, with a small tip, and in many cases, round. X is the art, when integrated into the disappearance of the northern tribes, as such, and looks at the sword Viking sword drift in Norman to develop the foundations of European cities in different types of medieval swords.

Sword Cutler is a type of broadsword, short and curved, which only used one side of the east section. History produce swords of Charlemagne, Roman, Cutler, Tizona Cid and the Vikings, swords made by Marto of Toledo.

Attila sword, swords of fantasy

Atila was one of the most famous city of invasion of species V. Atila Rua's happening in the diet on the Huns, the power with his own brother whom he killed eight years later shares. One of his first initiatives as governor was to consider the various tribes of the Huns under their control to unify and decided to Europe before it reacts on the outskirts of Rome to the Roman base.

Apocalypse Rider sword, sword and Attila Nibelung sword, a sword in Toledo dy Marto manufacture.

Robin Hood sword of Bronze
Cristobal Colon´s Gold sword

The legend of Robin Hood finds him banned at the beginning of Article XIV, during the reign of heart Ricardo de Leon, who live in Sherwood Forest with his band. Robin Hood was the benefactor of the rich and poor men in a hurry forward, loyal to the king and the usurper Juan Ricardo unfair to the landless and the Sheriff of Yorkshire.

Colon Critobal browser and explorer, perhaps Genoves origin, in the service of Spain, controversial and mysterious, self-taught and a great observer, the New World discovered by 12th October 1492, he was the first admiral and governor Virrey the Indians, and taught the sailors of his time the way to and from America. The Sword of Cristobal Columbus accompanied him on his famous travels.

The Hell Guardian sword

The angel of death is one that takes the souls of people when he died. Odin is a god of war and death, but also the god of poetry and wisdom. According to Dante, the old king Minos cretense known for his sense of justice is the supreme guardian of hell. Swords made ​​by Marto of Toledo Manufacturing


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